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MFC CEO on the Company’s Core Values

As we continue our review of the core values of Milliken Forestry Company, we find ourselves at ‘Service and Performance.'

As stated in our Core Values, MFC believes we must deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. This is accomplished by working with passion, commitment and enthusiasm, while enjoying our work.

Through broad support from our extended team, we attempt to create fluid interactions while building trusted relationships with our clients. Passion is in our DNA. Our love for the outdoors and the driving need to deliver in an effective manner provides the tools needed to be the trusted advisor one would expect. Our management approach is not only focused on land and trees, but the overall bigger picture. Timberland is a specialized asset that requires a high level of knowledge and support to obtain the desired results.

We pride ourselves on being committed to our work and our clients with passion and enthusiasm; and by the way, we love what we do.

Thank you for choosing Milliken Forestry Company.


Trip Chavis

Our clients are saying –

"I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company's Real Estate Services Division. They sold my property in less than 30 days after being listed! Their customer service and representation is stellar. I really felt like they knew me and my needs. Communication was done by phone, but one agent came to the closing to meet me personally! Everything they did regarding the sale of my property was above and beyond which is rare in this day and time."

Lynda B.