GIS & Mapping Services

You need great maps. We make them.

Milliken Forestry Company is a leading provider of high-quality Geographic Information System (GIS) and map management services for forest industry clients throughout the Southeast. The MFC mapping team creates and maintains detailed land management maps and an array of sophisticated databases to meet client needs.

Milliken uses the latest technology in GIS and mapping services.

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and software in order to provide clients with the best GIS and mapping services. Our GIS capabilities include:

  • Mobile Data Collection, Correction, & Conversion
  • Commercial Spatial Database Creation & Maintenance
  • Professional-grade Cartography, Data Visualization, & Customized Mapping
  • Data Modeling & Analysis
  • Aerial Photography Interpretation

Our maps help clients make good decisions.

In today’s environment, designing and implementing a comprehensive GIS plan is the foundation for sound and sophisticated management decisions.

Milliken Forestry Company provides land managers with detailed maps that beautifully visualize forest conditions and patterns. Traditionally, forestry maps are used to describe ownership boundaries, timber sale locations, stream crossings and even soil types. We use maps to analyze biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and neighboring features like ponds, rivers, roads, and powerlines.

With the use of handheld GPS devices and data recorders, your GIS data is easily deployed, gathered, and updated in the field. Modern satellite imagery and powerful computers allow Milliken’s map experts to help you see your forest assets in new ways — at the broadest landscape level or in fine, up-close detail.

Technical prowess for analyzing complex forestry and environmental data.

Milliken technicians process enormous amounts of information to tackle real-world management problems.

  • Digital elevation model (DEM) analysis and slope determination for understanding mountain watershed dynamics, improving field data collection efficiency, and silvicultural treatments in operationally difficult areas.
  • Suitability mapping using spatial analysis techniques to determine ‘optimal site’ based on multiple criteria.
  • Spatial analysis using observed field data to interpolate values across a continuous surface using techniques such as kriging and inverse-distance weighted models.
  • Analysis of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) data in order to determine true terrain versus tree canopy for extracting tree heights.

Our clients are saying –

"I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company's Real Estate Services Division. They sold my property in less than 30 days after being listed! Their customer service and representation is stellar. I really felt like they knew me and my needs. Communication was done by phone, but one agent came to the closing to meet me personally! Everything they did regarding the sale of my property was above and beyond which is rare in this day and time."

Lynda B.