Forest Planning & Management

Milliken Forestry Company deeply understands landowners and their unique assets.

We know that no two landowners or forests are exactly alike — every owner has personal goals and objectives for their investments. Forest planning and management has always been one of our core services. With nearly seven decades of forestry experience at-hand, Milliken fulfills client goals by providing outstanding and strategic long-term forest management.

Endless possibilities. Tailored to your desires and expectations.

Milliken offers a vast menu of possible management activities to its landowner clients.

Some landowners need complex and comprehensive land plans – complete with annual budgets and forestry activities scheduled to achieve management objectives and maximize financial rewards.

Others landowners opt for simpler methods – and employ our technical team to help them apply a single activity as needed. Examples include: small timber sales, targeted removal of invasive species, forest road improvements, or wildlife food plot installation.

A commitment to forestry excellence.

Regardless of how our clients choose to manage their assets, Milliken Forestry Company is committed to practicing outstanding forestry. We make a positive impact on millions of acres of forestland throughout the Southeast.

We’ve learned how to practice forestry and land management the right way.  Whether you’re considering your first forestry project or furthering your land management legacy, let us help you get started today.


Our clients are saying –

"I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company's Real Estate Services Division. They sold my property in less than 30 days after being listed! Their customer service and representation is stellar. I really felt like they knew me and my needs. Communication was done by phone, but one agent came to the closing to meet me personally! Everything they did regarding the sale of my property was above and beyond which is rare in this day and time."

Lynda B.