Forest Certification

Forestry is local - but your markets are global. Your supply chain needs global credibility and maximum flexibility.

Milliken Forestry Company offers adaptable solutions - Forest Management and Chain of Custody consulting services - for forest landowners and forest products companies, big and small, to help them meet their customers' certified supply needs.

We specialize in FSC® and American Tree Farm System® certification and can also provide systems for other growing markets - like SBP®, SFI®, and PEFC®.

We have considerable experience with firms that produce and trade paper, packaging, lumber, logs, pulp, and biomass chips and pellets. We do this across a diverse array of complex forest types and ownerships - hardwood and softwood, upland and lowland.

Work with a proven leader in FSC® and ATFS® certification.

Milliken has managed certified forests and wood product chains of custody for over a decade. Our clients are a significant source of certified wood supply in the United States and we currently manage over 350 thousand acres certified to FSC® and ATFS® standards.

Milliken also helps some of the world’s best companies prepare for and achieve certification --- on budget and on time. We’ve made forest and supply chain certification faster and easier for forest landowners, loggers, wood dealers and mills.

We connect the forest to the consumer.

When manufacturers and companies ask for certified wood they get it from certified forests and landowners. Landowners benefit from certification in the form of market access, premiums, and recognition for good forestry practices. We make the process of forest certification as painless as possible for landowners,  land managers, and procurement professionals  with help from great technology and proprietary information management systems.

Award-winning firms trust MILLIKEN.  Let us help you, too.

A number of our clients have won awards related to their forest certification and sustainability programs. We've helped them get there and can do the same for your firm or private forest.

Our clients are saying –

"I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company's Real Estate Services Division. They sold my property in less than 30 days after being listed! Their customer service and representation is stellar. I really felt like they knew me and my needs. Communication was done by phone, but one agent came to the closing to meet me personally! Everything they did regarding the sale of my property was above and beyond which is rare in this day and time."

Lynda B.